For Christ's Sake

July 25, 2021 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Isaiah

Topic: Stubborness Scripture: Isaiah 48


The Lord redeems stubborn people for his own Sake.

a) Stubborn is used to relate to unsaved people. The Israelites were being stubborn and he fortold them what would happen.  He then did it, but having Babylon take them as slaves. 

 b) The Lord Redeems the stubborn,  Jesus was sent God to be our Redeemer.  Verse 18 states waht would have been if we were not stubborn, but we are and he knows it. 

c) God redeemed them by letting them flee Babylon and go back to Israel as per his Covenent. 

d) Our salvation is solely for God's sake.   It reflects his Glory, His passionate self, although we benefit from his grace by believeing in him and worshipping him. Do not be stubborn. 








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