The Cup of Affliction

August 15, 2021 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Isaiah

Topic: God's Wrath

The Cup of Affliction

Jesus drank the cup of wrath for his people at the cross so that we might be fully forgiven.

A Cup of Wrath

Came from God because of His anger with Judah.

Jesus took God's wrath due us on Himself. Matthew 26:29; Revelation 14:10

All the wrath we have earned was taken by someone else (Christ).

We can now choose to reject sin and follow Christ.

A Call to Awaken

Listen to me V1; Look V2; Give attention to me v4; Lift up your eyes V6;

Listen V7; Awake V9; Wake youeself V17; Hear this V21

Don't fear the reproach of man because God's salvation is eternal, their reproach is not.

Don't fear discomfort because of God's power and His comfort.

A comforting Assurance

For those who seek the Lord V1

Remember God's promises through Christ V2; John 10:28

God is with us V4-6

The arm of the Lord V9 points to the Messiah (Christ)

God will (has) save His people, the ransomed of the Lord V11; Acts 20:38

We have nothing or anyone to fear V12 "I am He who comforts you"

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