October 3, 2021 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: 1 Timothy

Topic: Law Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:7-11


1. What Law is Paul referencing to?  

-The Mosaic Law

2. Why does Paul list these Particular Sins?

- They are the worst of each category.

3. Why is the Law Not for the Just? 

-Jesus has forgiven our sins, he has saved us. We are not under the Law. The Law  show us we are sinners and what we need to improve. We are not governed by the low, because the Holy Spirit leads us.

4. What does it mean to use the Law Lawfully. 

-a) Explains the moral values.

-b) Law reveals our sin.

-c) Love fulfills the law by Loving God and Loving your Neighbor. 

Loving God covers Commandments 1-4 and Loving your

Neighbor covers Commandments 5-10.   

Love God , Love your Neighbor is what Jesus wants us to do.




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