The Beginning of the End

March 12, 2023 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Acts

Topic: Holy Spirit, Prophesy Scripture: Acts 21:1-16

Acts 21 vs 1-16

There are 4 questions which arise from these 1 versus.

1. Was the Holy Spirit being contradictory?
2. Does this passage endorse female pastors?
3. Did Agabus’ prophecy fail?
4. Is prophecy still happening today?

     The Holy Spirit moves people to do things but is never contradictory.   The Holy spirit told Paul to go to Jerusalem.  The Holy Spirit also revealed to Pauls friends that he would suffer be bound and imprisoned on this trip. Because of this they did not want him to go not because the Holy Spirit told them not to have him go, but for his safety.  They still went to the ship when he was leaving and prayed for him and his trip. 

     Verse Act 21 vs 7 states that Philip had 4 unmarried daughters who prophesied.  This was predicted by Jesus, in the last day I will spread out my spirit to men and woman to be able to prophesy.  This statement does not imply that Women should preach.  1st Corinthians 14:33-35 states otherwise.

     Agabut's prophecy of Paul being bound and persecuted did not fail.  He was bound and Jailed in Jerusalem and turned over to the Roman authorities. 

     Prophesy is not still happening today.  The Holy Spirit now directs us as to what God wants us to do. 


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