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Acts 2 - The Gospel of the Resurrection

Acts is all about the Word of God going forth with power resulting in the expansion of God’s kingdom. Consider the beating heart of the sermon that drew thousands of people into the kingdom the day the church was born....

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Acts 1 - The Selection Process

Welcome to the book of Acts. Or, to be more accurate, the full title is ‘The Acts of the Apostles.’ This book could just as well be called ‘The Acts of the Holy Spirit' or ‘The Continued Ministry of Jesus.’ Today we will focus on how the apostles chose the replacement for Judas, and how we should go about making decisions in our lives....

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Luke 24 - The Christ Must Suffer

Today we conclude the book of Luke, but we are not concluding the writings of Luke. He is also the author of the book of Acts. The two work together to display the work of Christ in seeking and saving the lost....

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Luke 23 - Sayings From The Cross

There are seven times that Jesus spoke from the cross. They are spread across the four gospels as each author takes a slightly different focus of the final hours....

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Luke 22 - Lest I Forget Gethsemane

In a chapter like this, it becomes quite difficult to determine exactly where to turn our focus. But, for today I have selected the prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane....

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Luke 21 - Stay Awake

Today we are reading the sermon that Jesus preached that is commonly known as “the Olivet Discourse.” We also find this sermon in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. It is an extended passage about the coming judgment of the Jewish nation as well as the return of Christ. There are only three verses in this discourse that are unique to Luke’s gospel; namely verses 34-36....

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Luke 17 - 10 Lepers Cleansed

In recent days my notes have been a bit long. I will be attempting to be deliberately more brief moving forward. Today our focus is going to be on one story tucked in the center of this chapter – verses 11-19. ...

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Luke 20 - The Question That Jesus Refused To Answer

There are many occasions in the gospels when people ask Jesus a question. He usually responds with a very rich answer. However, there are occasions when Jesus answers a question with a question. Why does He do that?...

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Luke 19 - The Blind Beggar and the Tax Collector

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” ...

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Luke 15 - The Prodigal Father

The Prodigal Father - I want us to recognize the unchanging, unlimited, unfading, love of God that we see in this parable. But in doing so, I want us to be careful not to project ourselves onto the father character in the story. The point of the story is that He is NOT like us. ...

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Luke 18 - Two Men Went To Pray

Many of the parables are presentations of contrasts. Usually, the contrast is based around the actions of one person versus the actions of another. But the point that Jesus makes is never simply about the outward actions. He uses these contrasts to unveil people’s hearts. In Luke 18:9-14 we find a parable about two men who went up to pray. These two men were very differe...

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Luke 16 - The Rich Man and Lazarus

There are multiple parables in Luke 16 that are exclusive to this gospel account. Today we are going to set our attention on the parable of ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus’ found in verses 19-31. For our purposes today, I want us to consider five main aspects of this story so that we might apply what Jesus is teaching us. ...

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Luke 14 - Count the Cost

What is the cost of following Jesus? ...

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Luke 13 - Pilate and Herod

An introduction to two villains. ...

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