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Genesis 39

Today’s focus will zone in on two aspects of what is taking place in the life of Joseph. Sexual Purity and False Accusations...

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Genesis 38

Today we are going to wade into the murky darkness of the sinful life of the fourth son of Israel. The events described in this chapter are disturbing and repulsive, revealing the hard heart of a rebel. If you examine the internal components of any finely crafted machine, you are going to see that every last element exists for a very significant reason. I know nothing abou...

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Genesis 37

In our text this morning, we see the negative results of bad parenting. Much of the division that existed between Joseph and his brothers directly resulted from the favoritism that Jacob showed to the offspring of his favorite wife. (For those who are tabulating, this is just one more reason why polygamy is always bad.)...

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Genesis 36

The Epilogues - Part 2...

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Genesis 35

The Epilogues - Part 1...

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Genesis 34

The Defiling of Dinah...

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Genesis 29

Turnabout is Fair Play...

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Genesis 28

Stairway to Heaven...

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Genesis 27

Jacob's Lie and Esau's False Repentance ...

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Genesis 26

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree...

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