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Acts 16 - August 16

Today we are covering Paul’s trip to Macedonia. Many events have taken place in this chapter but, if I can sum it up in one sentence it would be God’s providential plan for our lives is much better than what we can plan. Brian Davis, a pastor at Del Ray Baptist church, in the opening of his sermon on this chapter says, “God often says no to very good things.” Which...

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Acts 17 - August 17

Today we will be focusing on verses 16-34. Paul is now in Athens, the capital city of Greece. Athens was a city known for its religious idols and devotion, for its intellectualism, and as you can guess its philosophical culture. According to Paul there were many statues of gods and goddesses all around. This was an extremely pagan city that Paul was in. There are a few thi...

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Acts 18 - August 18

Today we see Paul’s missionary trip to Corinth. It is here where Paul meets the famous Priscilla and Aquila people mentioned a few times in the New Testament. They had come from Italy (shout out to the Loverde’s). What we have in this passage are normal things that we have seen in other passages. We see Paul pleading with the Jewish community, making his case from the ...

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Acts 19 - August 19

Growing up in a Pentecostal church, many times people would refer to the miracles of Paul where they would take his handkerchiefs or aprons and touch other people with it to be healed. Which is what we see in this chapter. They would try to reenact those very things. There are two issues with that; Firstly, Paul and the twelve disciples had apostolic authority that was giv...

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Acts 20 - August 20

Has there ever been a time where you had to say goodbye to a person you would never see again? The emotions that come with that are overwhelming, and that is what we find in verses 17-36. Paul is being led by the Holy Spirit to return to Jerusalem and he calls the Ephesian elders to come meet him at Miletus. Keep in mind that from the time that Jesus departed from the disc...

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Acts 9 - Transformation Results in Proclamation

Today we read about one of the most consequential moments in the history of the church – the conversion of Paul. However, I want to consider several other aspects of this chapter that surround the main story that may serve as an encouragement to you....

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Acts 7 - Be a Witness

Let’s consider five applications from this bitter-sweet passage about the first martyr....

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Acts 5 - Ananias and Sapphira

Today we read the chilling account of the death of two members of the early church. There are several aspects that I would like to note that will hopefully bring both clarity and comfort. First, notice that Ananias and Sapphira both had opportunities to repent. Ananias could have come clean as he was presenting the money to Peter. And in verse 8 Peter also he asked Saphira...

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Acts 4 - Praying Like the Apostles

Today we read about the arrest of Peter and John, which was fallout from the preaching and teaching that resulted from the healing of the lame man in chapter 3. It seems to me that most of the attention in this chapter typically goes to either the beginning section regarding the boldness of the apostles or the conclusion regarding the unity of the church. But, I want to ac...

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Acts 3 - True Compassion

Today our text contains a pretty straightforward event with no theological curveballs or complexities. So, let’s get super practical with three points of application from this passage....

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