Our true nature as the church, and as Christians, is corporate.

We respond personally to the gospel and enjoy a personal relationship with the Father through the Son. But, while our relationship with God is a deeply personal one, it is never merely a private affair. Throughout the history of redemption, God has been acting to save a people, not a disconnected group of isolated individuals (1 Peter 2:9-10).

It is a key assumption of New Testament teaching that the Christian life is to be lived out in relationship with other believers in the context of the local church. Although we enter into a relationship with God as individuals, we nevertheless enter into something greater than our own individuality: the church – the community of God’s people.

Membership unites the local church and enables individuals to have greater opportunities to serve within the body and be on mission with the church.

How to become a church member 

1. The first step to membership is to begin faithfully attending. Dive right in and get to know people, listen to the teaching, and begin to discern the Lord's will for your life regarding membership at LBC. 

2. Complete the Membership Pursuit Form 

3. Complete an interview with an elder of LBC. 

4. Be approved by congregational vote at an official church business meeting.