God Loves God

August 6, 2023 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Limited Edition

Topic: The Trinity Scripture: John 10:17

God Loves God

  1. God- Everything depends on God. The central difference between christianity and every other religion is the Trinity. Nothing can illustrate the Trinity. God is not like a tree or a rock but rather he is one God, the one true God. The infinite Father, Son and Holy Spirit is one God.
  2. Is- From eternity past to eternity future, God is God. God is love and will always be love. God is not wrath or mercy because they require sin, but love does not so God is Love. This means God has loved forever and will love forever. Eternally loving.
  3. Love- The Father loves the Son by gloryifing Jesus. Matthew 17:5- The father glorifys the son by loving him and giving authority to him John 3:35. Jesus showed love for the Father by following his commandments. We fall short in this but Jesus perfectly loved the Father. The Holy Spirit also loves the Father and Jesus by pointing everything back to them. The biggest display of love is when the Jesus dies for his people and completing what the Father commmanded. God is not like Taylor Swift, he promised that he will loves all that loves his son. If you love Christ then you are in the love that the Father and Son have between each other.


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