Perserverance in the Christian Life and Ministry

February 13, 2022 Preacher: Matt Wiese Series: Elders and Guest Preachers

Topic: Perseverance Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:1-7

Paul and Timothy endured a lot of trials on their persuit for Godliness.

The strenght you need for living a Godly life is given through Jesus's/God's Grace.  By grace we have been saved and lifted up.  Grace gives us power to look to God, Trust Him, and be drawn and guided by the Powerful Holy Spirit.  We cannot persevere on our own strength.

We must Guard the Gospel by spreading it.  Do no lock it up in a Safe. 

We must have these 3 Mindsets

1) Single minded devotion to Christ.  Like a solder focusd on their leaders tasks

2) Rigorous training - Like an Athlete, rigorous training in the word and staying Focused.

3) Hard work - Like a Farmer, Up early, working Hard all day and everyday.  Milnistry is hard work.

The Prize, if we endure will be to reign with Him forever in Heaven.



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