August 14, 2022 Preacher: Bob Walderman Series: Isaiah

Topic: Repentance Scripture: Isaiah 64

Signs of prayers of lament & genuine repentance in this chapter

-Prophets are not honored by men. They are not popular. Is 30

-Regret and remorse are not repentance

1Kings 18:38, Luke 18:11, Jer 3, Is 29:15-16, Amos 5, Prov 14:2, Lev 26, Ps 81:15

-Is my repenatce sincere? Ps 51:8 -a broken heart towards God? True repentace hates sin. Are we broken towarsds a holy God?

-Is our worship truly worthy? Do we practice a lifestyle of worship, holiness? Worship should encompass our lives. Worship should not be limited to Sunday or Wednesday corporate gatherings.

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