The Sound and the Fury

August 28, 2022 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Isaiah

Topic: The wrath of God; the grace of God Scripture: Isaiah 66

The Sound and the Fury,

Our life is a success or failure that is determined by it's ending.  We can Focus our energy and efforts on storing up gifts in heaven or we can be in this world and disregard Gods' wishes.  By Focusing our efforts on Jesus and putting our faith in the Lord, after death we are guaranteed a perfect life which last forever, has no temptations, no sin and we will never again feal pain or suffering. We will be in the presence of God.  The alternative is the eternal suffering which will last for eternity if we do not put our faith in the Lord.   Our life now is ephemeral compared to the future Life God has prepared for us, wether it is in Heaven or Hell will be determined by where our heart is.  If we endure the pains of this world, but focus our our heart, mind and soul on the Lord, we are guaranteed a place in heaven.

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