Athens I Love You (Part 2)

January 8, 2023 Preacher: Caleb Bunch Series: Acts

Topic: Evangelism Scripture: Acts 17:22-34

We glean from Paul what we must include in our presentation of the gospel.

How do we explain the Gospel to someone who has never heard?

Start with:

1 God Himself. v 22-24

Turn their attention from themselves to God. Explain who God is.

2 What God Does. v22,25,26

He is the creator of everything. Thus he has authority over us.

3 God is transcendant. v24,25

He is altogether not like us. Rather, we depend on him for everything.

4 God is Immanent. v27-29

He is also close to us. We are able to connect with Him. He can be known by us.

5 God is worthy of our worship v29

He is not like silver or gold or any image we can make.

6 What happens when He is not worshipped? v 30-31

If we don't turn to God and repent, we will be subject to his judgement.

 7 We were made by God for relation ship with him. v28

We are sustained by God alone. Therefore, we are made for relaonship with him.

But our relationship with him is broken unless we repent and turn to Christ to restore our relationship with God.

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