Protect the Church

February 26, 2023 Preacher: Steve Schultz Series: Acts

Topic: The Church Scripture: Acts 20:13-38

Paul was traveling through Western Asia to make his way to Jerusalem prior to pentacost, so that he could be there during pentacost to shephard the people.  He wanted to see the failthful leaders of the Church in Ephesus.  The true leaders walked 63 miles to meet at Miletus.  There, Paul stated that he would not be seeing them again and told them to stay true to the church, its' preaching and to mimic his behavior of becoming a servant to all and to continue to evangelize to both the Gentiles and Jews, but be aware of people who would try to derail them.  He showed by example, that what is important in life is to further God's purpose and spread the gospel.  The end of this life is not what is important, but to live in God's spirit and live forever with Jesus is the Goal.   

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