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Romans 16

We have come to the end of this theologically rich book, what I will do today is start with the last verses of the chapter and work my way back to the beginning from the end....

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Romans 13

What we will see in Romans 13 are three exhortations that Paul gives to the Roman church and for all Christians. This is a continuation of the marks of a Christian that Paul started in chapter 12. The three exhortations are as follows....

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Romans 12

Christian Sacrifice and Service...

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Romans 10

The Ignorance of the Jews, The Nearness of Christ, and the Importance of Preaching...

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Romans 6

No Longer Slaves to Sin, Slaves to Righteousness...

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Romans 8

Life According to the Spirit, Heris with Christ, Ordo Salutus...

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Romans 11

The Doxology...

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Romans 7

Released from the Law...

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Romans 4

The nature of faith...

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Romans 1

General Revelation and the Judgement of God...

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