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Hebrews 10

If you remember from the first notes, I sent out on Hebrews we establish that this book has an emphasis on Jesus being THE High Priest. The writer of Hebrews continues by showing us the importance of the sacrifice. We know that every year on the day of atonement the high priest would enter the most holy place, make an animal sacrifice, and then sprinkle the blood of the an...

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Hebrews 6

No matter how big a ship is it will still require the use of an anchor. The size of the ship does not matter when it comes to mother nature and the strength of the ocean's current or the winds that blow in storms. Anchors are used to keep a ship on course and to keep it in the same place when the ocean and wind are trying to move it in the opposite direction. In this chapt...

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Hebrews 4

One thing that you will notice through the book of Hebrews is a big focus on the office of priest. Jesus is often referred to in this book as the high priest. If you are familiar with the Old Testament, you will know that the office of the high priest was the most important role/job within the Israelite community. ...

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Hebrews 1

Christ is God!...

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Hebrews 2

This chapter of Hebrews is very humbling, for two main reasons, it shows us the humility of Christ and it shows how much God is mindful of us....

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Colossians 4

I am sure you have heard this expression before “Take it with a grain of salt.” When people use this phrase, usually it is used to tell someone not to take what someone says too seriously. This expression may not seem so bad, but in reality, this is not something we want people to say about us when we talk to others. Let me explain....

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