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Exodus 13

My devotional thought for this chapter is simple but has proven to be of great encouragement to me. The Israelites had been living in Egypt for 400 years. No living Israelite had likely ever traveled in the wilderness where the Lord had led them. There was no GPS or Google Maps....

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Romans 16

We have come to the end of this theologically rich book, what I will do today is start with the last verses of the chapter and work my way back to the beginning from the end....

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Exodus 11

Chapter 10 closed with the infuriated Pharaoh crying out, “Get away from me; take care never to see my face again, for on the day you see my face you shall die.” He is so aggressive in his rejection of God’s command to let His people go that He literally threatened the life of God’s messenger. Moses responded, “As you say! I will not see your face again.” But, ...

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Exodus 10

The plagues found in Exodus 10 were devastating blows to the Egyptian people. There is a mysterious switch in the mind of locusts that causes them to shift from solitary bugs to swarming armies. Hundreds of locust generations will go by without a swarm. Then, for reasons that are often weather related, they will molt, change colors, and begin multiplying feverishly. ...

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Romans 13

What we will see in Romans 13 are three exhortations that Paul gives to the Roman church and for all Christians. This is a continuation of the marks of a Christian that Paul started in chapter 12. The three exhortations are as follows....

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Romans 12

Christian Sacrifice and Service...

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Exodus 9

Today is a good time to examine one of the underlying themes that is taking place in the Exodus narrative: Pharaoh’s heart being hardened. Below I am going to list all of the occasions that this pops up, and conclude with three important truths....

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Romans 10

The Ignorance of the Jews, The Nearness of Christ, and the Importance of Preaching...

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Romans 6

No Longer Slaves to Sin, Slaves to Righteousness...

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Romans 8

Life According to the Spirit, Heris with Christ, Ordo Salutus...

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