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Exodus 8

Today we see ongoing and relentless evidence of God’s power manifested in the plagues sent against the Egyptians. This chapter is overflowing with fascinating detail, but for today let's zone in on three important truths. ...

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Exodus 7

We have now arrived at the incredible period of the plagues. I would like to draw your attention to three truths from this chapter....

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Romans 11

The Doxology...

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Exodus 5

When Moses and Aaron arrive back in Egypt, they don’t waste any time getting to the point. At the very outset of the chapter we see that they have gained an appointment with Pharaoh and made the Lord’s demands clear....

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Exodus 6

When we read through the Old Testament, there are often occasions when many years pass by between chapters or between events. For that reason, it can sometimes be easily overlooked just how rare it is that the Lord God actually communicates verbally with people. When we were reading through Genesis, there were seven conversations between the Lord and Abraham, but they took...

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Exodus 4

To this day, the ancient Egyptians are viewed by most people as an intriguing, mysterious culture. They receive more attention than any other ancient civilization of that time period in academia and entertainment alike. Part of the reason is due to their mythological and supernatural beliefs that are etched into practically every surface that they left behind. They were a ...

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Exodus 3

Names are highly significant in the Bible. They are descriptive of the character of the individual to whom the name represents. Exodus 3 is one of the most impactful chapters in the entire Old Testament. God has not verbally communicated to anyone at this point for over 500 years. ...

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Exodus 2

Moses and the Ark Moses was born during the time that a genocidal order was in effect that required all Egyptians to throw any Israelite baby boy they found into the river. Moses’ parents saw the beauty and intrinsic value of their son’s life, so they hid him. Eventually they did place Moses in the river, but not in the way Pharaoh demanded. He was placed into a bas...

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Exodus 1

The final piece of Joseph’s story does not happen in Genesis. Exodus is a continuation of the book of Genesis. In fact, in the original Hebrew, the first word of the book of Exodus is “and.” At the front end of Exodus, we see that Joseph died. One of the important facts that we missed in Genesis 50 is that “Then Joseph made the sons of Israel swear, saying, ‘God ...

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Romans 7

Released from the Law...

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