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Romans 4

The nature of faith...

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Romans 1

General Revelation and the Judgement of God...

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Romans 3

None is Righteous and Justification by Faith in Christ Jesus...

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Genesis 46-48

Joseph is reunited with his father. ...

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Romans 2

Both Jew and Greek have no excuse for their sin and God will judge all because he shows no partiality...

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Matthew 28

The Resurrection...

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Matthew 27

The Crucifixion of Christ...

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Genesis 41

Joseph was cast out of his home in Canaan; Jesus voluntarily left his home in heaven. Jesus was likewise falsely accused. Jesus likewise did not defend himself. Jesus likewise was abandoned by those that he had helped in the time of his greatest need. Much more than Joseph, Jesus suffered alone. And in a much greater way, Jesus experienced the lowest form of humiliation, d...

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Genesis 40

More than any of the other patriarchs, Joseph’s life parallels the life of Christ. Today and tomorrow we will focus in on the similarities in terms of humiliation and exaltation, and see how it relates to our salvation. For chapter 40, our focus will be on the process of humiliation suffered by Joseph....

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Matthew 26

The Steadfast love of Christ...

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