Shepherding Notes

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Genesis 12

God calls Abram...

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Genesis 11

The Lord divides human languages...

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Genesis 10

The Table of Nations...

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Matthew 6

Issues of the heart......

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Matthew 3

Matthew 3 - January 12th As stated in the shepherding notes for Matthew 1, the book of Matthew focuses on the reality that Christ is King; He is the rightful heir to the throne of David. Kings often had heralds; these were people who would go before the king and announce his arrival. Heralds were harbingers that would signal the coming of a king by going ahead of the ki...

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Matthew 5

Sermon on the Mount...

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Genesis 9

God makes a covenant with all creation....

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Genesis 7

The waters of God's wrath...

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Genesis 8

"God Remembered Noah" ...

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Matthew 4

Two Parallels that are shown in the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness....

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